The Bulk Bags offered by Interbulk Packaging can be divided into various basic models, such as 4-point bags and 1-point bags. The models indicate the different “lifting” possibilities. On the basis of specifications, the basic models can be adapted to the wishes of the customer.


The Bulk Bags are woven from polypropylene and are very suitable where strong packaging is needed. The bags can be manufactured in different thicknesses and weights.


With a laminated bag, a thin layer of polypropylene is applied to the inside or outside of the bag. This layer prevents goods with a fine composition from being lost.


The basic models described above can also be equipped with a polyethylene liner. A liner is an inner bag and is mainly used for goods that are not allowed to get wet or wet. A liner can also be used for goods with a fine composition. Liners can be made in different thicknesses, weights, sizes and compositions.

Dust-free / dust-resistant

By using a special band under the seams on 2 sides, leakage and loss of the filled (fine) material is prevented. Contamination of the product is also prevented.

Printing / labels

The Bulk Bags offered by Interbulk Packaging BV are available with a print of the customer. A customer can also indicate whether labels or document pockets for data or documents are desired.



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