Rashel, mesh and cotton bags for bulk goods

Raschel bags are mainly used as packaging for goods like onions, potatoes and citrus fruits. These goods need good ventilation, which is one of the characteristics that these types of bag are known for. At Interbulk Packaging in Boxtel, near Tilburg, you have a number of customisation options. This way, we ensure the bags we deliver meet our customers’ every demand.

A large variety of raschel bags

What size of raschel bulk bags do you need? Or are you looking for a mix with cotton or mesh bags? We can tailor our bags to your needs! Next to that, you choose from a variety of different sizes and extras. If needed, we can sow pockets on the bags for documentation, or label the bags. It is even possible to have a logo printed on the bags. This is done quickly and efficiently, in our own printing offices.

Other materials and related services

Raschel bags are not the only packaging solutions we offer for bulk goods. Our product range includes, but is not limited to:

Next to that, we offer a variety of adjacent services, such as transportation, document handling, customs formalities, and payment facilities. This means you count on a complete service when you order your raschel or other bags from Interbulk Packaging.

Benefit from quick delivery

Whether you order raschel bags or another type of bag, such as Binola jute bags, for your goods, you will receive them very quickly. Our warehouses in Belgium and the Netherlands are well stocked to ensure this. Next to that, the printing offices are on-site, which means having a logo printed on the bags does not interfere with the speed of the delivery. Do you want to order raschel bags for your bulk goods? Contact us to inquire about the possibilities by phoning or sending a WhatsApp to 0031 648421285, or sending an email to info@interbulkpackaging.com.



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