I have always received good service from Transport. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.

James More

Founder and CEO ThemeMove

Interbulk Packaging is a young and dynamic international trade organization located at Boxtel, The Netherlands. Since 1997 Interbulk Packaging has mainly been focussing on the import, export, storage, distribution and the processing of nearly all types of industrial bags on the global market. After having been on the market of big bags for years, Interbulk Packaging has grown into an all-round provider of industrial bags.

Interbulk Packaging offers amongst others polypropylene bags, polymesh bags, rashel bags, jute bags, cotton bags and various mixes of the materials mentioned above.

All products offered by Interbulk Packaging, are available in all the by the customer desired specifications.

Interbulk Packaging’s goal is: “By means of flexibility, expertise and outstanding service, to offer products that completely meet the demands of the customer.”

Interbulk Packaging strives for the best value for money for its customers. Interbulk Packaging considers to be an indispensable intermediary on this very demanding and highly competitive market.

Interbulk Packaging has its disposal over various warehouses and printing offices in The Netherlands and in Belgium, from where the bags can be printed and delivered directly.

Interbulk Packaging’s activities include more than import, export, storage processing and distribution of our bags. We also offer our customers all related activities including transport, settlement of the documents, customs formalities and even payment facilities.

Unique Selling Points:
Personal service
-Competitive prices
-High graded quality and service
-Easy to reach by telephone, fax and e-mail
-Outstanding expertise
-Flexible conditions of payment
-Fast delivery from stock
-Efficient and purposeful working-method
-Very customer orientated attitude and work-method


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