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Are you in need of bags that are perfect for bulk packaging? Then Interbulk Packaging has exactly what you need. We specialise in the import, export, distribution, and processing of almost all types of industrial bags. This means you have a large variety of materials, blends, shapes and sizes to choose from. From traditional polypropylene Big Bags to eco-friendly alternatives made out of burlap: we have just the right packaging for your bulk goods.

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Customisable bulk packaging made out of a variety of materials

Interbulk Packaging is flexible and has a lot of expertise, which enables us to offer you optimal service. A lot is possible when it comes to bulk packaging, so you are sure to find the exact bags you need. Our product range includes, but is not limited to:

Bags can also be customised to meet your every need. We can print a logo on the bags and add a pouch for documentation or labels. This does not interfere with our short delivery times, because we own multiple printing offices and take care of this process in an efficient manner. If you count on us as your packaging supplier, you will benefit from excellent service, high-quality products, fast delivery and competitive prices.


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Do you want to know more about the possibilities we offer in terms of bulk packaging? Or do you want more information about our company? We are glad to be of service when you contact us. You can reach us by phoning 0031 736569740, sending a WhatsApp to 0031 648421285 or sending an email to info@interbulkpackaging.com.

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